Lean Manufacturing - An AMtec Core Competency


In late 2016 there was a significant ramp in the semiconductor industry. Demand for one of our customer’s prototypes surged forcing us to rethink our manufacturing strategy. At the time AMtec had just implemented lean manufacturing and established two “lines” - one for semi-complex products and another for complex & configurable products. This product was a custom power distribution control panel with 60+ end item possibilities and customer demand changing daily so it was quite the challenge.


AMtec’s manufacturing engineers dissected this power box into 7 operations of equal tact time. A large electronic sequencing board displaying real-time information was installed on the factory floor. The sequencing board provided build priority but also the details of each configuration. From that the team responsible for manufacturing the sub-assemblies “sub-line” knew which subs to produce and in which sequence. Completed sub-assemblies were loaded onto the bottom of mobile carts that also served as the work benches for final assembly. As each Operation was completed the carts moved in lock step down the line. Component material was delivered to point of use by our replenishment team at the end of each business day. All tooling needed to perform each operation was in arm’s reach of the technicians. From batch built prototypes to lean manufacturing, output increased from 3 units per week to 4 units per day!


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