Customers from a variety of industries do on-site testing, programming at AMtec's facilities

Do your Control Systems need on-site testing or programming prior to shipment to end customers or installation sites? 

A number of AMtec’s Bio-Pharma, Petrochemical, and Transportation industry customers or their contracted integrators will perform Factory Acceptance Testing and/or programming while the Control Systems are on-site at AMtec. The factory acceptance test (FAT) gives customers the opportunity to validate the control systems before they are shipped.  AMtec's Quality Assurance Technicians and Project Managers provide assistance, and some integrators will even invite the end-customer to perform their own inspection and sign-off prior to shipment.

Semiconductor customers use AMtec’s facilities for two activities.  The first activity is Source Inspections by the customer Engineering team to review the design, capture issues, and design changes or to sign-off that the product is ready to drop-ship to the end customer.  SQE or Supplier Quality Engineers may participate in the Source Inspections to ensure the product meets all the Customer Quality & Safety requirements.  In the second activity, semiconductor customers may send a third-party inspector to verify the design against industry standards (e.g., SEMI S2 Compliance).

Entertainment Systems customers also use our facility for factory acceptance testing, programming and in the event of a fully integrated product, to "test-drive" their product to ensure everything is fully functional.

Talk to AMtec about building your control system products.  Not only can we help with advanced engineering design challenges, but our facilities and support teams are uniquely equipped for your on-site inspections, testing, changes and sign-offs prior to shipment.

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