Engineering solutions from AMtec

AMtec's highly-experienced engineering team can provide full design services, 3D modeling, and prototyping services. We have an extensive network of suppiers to help you optimize your design across multiple dimensions.  AMtec's team is also is well-suited for highly dynamic and demanding customers, where requirements change frequently.


  • Full Design Services

    AMtec can provide as much or as little of your design as needed, provided on either AMtec title blocks or integrated into customer-provided title blocks.

  • Modeling/Drafting Services

    AMtec utilizes two software packages for design- AutoCAD (primarily for schematics/2D prints) and Siemens NX (full 3D design), exportable to .STP or .IGS.

  • Rapid Prototyping

    AMtec’s Engineering Team is fast, efficient, and highly-experienced, and can design prototypes for custom systems or modify existing ones.

  • UL508/SEMI Consulting

    UL508A listed for over 30 years, offering engineering and testing to standards certification. Proficient in Class 1, Div 2 requirements.

  • Component Selection

    Close network of highly reliable, cutting-edge suppliers with extensive ability to enable designs that optimize space, performance, cost, and lead time.

  • Design Optimization / Design for Manufacturing (DFM)

    Design and optimization of new/existing products for maximum manufacturing and cost efficiency.

  • Engineering Change Request (ECR)

    Experience with the most demanding Silicon Valley customers, including the ability to efficiently handle ongoing ECR situations.

  • Project/Program Management

    High-communication team, capable of managing the most complex, mission-critical design/build programs.


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Experience with the most demanding customers in Silicon Valley.

AMtec offers full design services, modelling/drafting, prototyping, and a full range of other solutions that can extend your in-house capabilities.

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