Auxiliary Power Enclosures

We are seeing HUGE interest in our innovative Auxiliary Power Enclosure. These are the perfect, essential item for your next skid. Engineered to meet your project needs exactly.

These highly customizable power centers can be configured to bring together all of the controls you need to make your project more user-friendly – convenience power, lighting, trackers, and data collection.

With ultra fast lead times, highest build quality, and competitive pricing, you’ll be glad you worked with AMtec.



  • Data Collection

    Data logger capable
    Wattmeters and power-monitoring capabilities
    Customizable data collection gear

  • Communications Gear

    SCADA communications equipment
    Cellular modem for wireless communications
    Available with separated SCADA section

  • Configurable Voltage Options

    Various main transformer voltages, kVA ratings (incl K4)
    600VAC/480VAC/240VAC breakers; 120/240VAC breakers
    600VAC or 480VAC to 240/120VAC step-down transformer

  • Backup Power

    Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
    Available 7-day battery backup for ongoing functions during long-term outages
    Optional external generator circuit

  • Enclosure Details

    Dead front panels
    Bolt-down NEMA 3R enclosure with vent/filter/fan

UL508a Listed
5-year warranty
Skid-ready and engineered to meet your needs
Made in USA

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Extensive investment in
tooling and technology

Already known for fast lead times, AMtec is even faster today, thanks to additional vertical integration and extensive investments in tooling and technology.

AMtec has essentially eliminated the industry-wide bottleneck of hand-measuring and hand-drilling, replacing it with high-efficiency, CNC machining systems capable of handling enclosures of even the largest sizes.