Manufacturing solutions from AMtec

AMtec's manufacturing solutions are trusted by companies across a wide range of industries.  With 35 years of continuous operation and experience, we have produced products for a wide range of industries and customers.  

AMtec uses state-of-the-art design, tools, and manufacturing processes to produce products of unrivaled quality and exceptional workmanship, at competitive pricing, and with unmatched lead times.



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  • Volume Manufacturing

    No need to offshore. AMtec does Lean Manufacturing here in Northern California in less time and at less cost than most of the large CM’s.

  • NPD & Prototyping

    For New Product Development, AMtec can quick-turn prototypes for fit checks, lab tools, or end-customer samples.

  • Build Verifies

    Validation of Bills of Material, drawings and schematics for a decidated unit manufactured in isolation, where all custom material is fit checked.


    Process of Records, Sequence of Events (5-15 units) or Operational Method Sheet documentation packages can be created to customer specification.

  • Retrofits

    Upgrades or reconfigurations can be performed to reduce excess & obsolescence.

  • Configuration Changes

    Can be made during the manufacturing process to match changing customer demand.

  • Wire Harness Development

    Custom wire harnesses for repetitive products, which permits further division of labor while increasing quality and reducing cycle times.

  • Custom Cable Assemblies

    Custom cable assemblies suitable for a wide range of environments and purposes Learn More


Extensive investment in
tooling and technology

Already known for fast lead times, AMtec is even faster today, thanks to additional vertical integration and extensive investments in tooling and technology.

AMtec has essentially eliminated the industry-wide bottleneck of hand-measuring and hand-drilling, replacing it with high-efficiency, CNC machining systems capable of handling enclosures of even the largest sizes.

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