Commercial services to ensure smooth delivery

AMtec's manufacturing and engineering services are supported by a range of commercial services which ensure that your program is delivered on time, every time, with flexibility to accommodate changes in schedule, design, volumes, routing, and materials.

  • Scheduling flexibility

    Whether it be expedites, postponement or priority re-sequencing, we can adjust our schedule to meet your changing needs.

  • Real Time Information

    Order Status Updates, Advance Ship Notifications (ASN), and Proof of Delivery Notifications (POD) to keep you informed.

  • Advance purchase of material

    To accelerate new product time to market, AMtec can pre-order the known long lead time material while the product design is still being finalized.

  • Inventory Stocking Agreements (ISA)

    To reduce chance of stock-outs or to compress lead times, we can stock additional raw material, sub-assemblies or even finished goods.

  • Routing changes

    Need to change the delivery destination or ship method? Within 24 hours prior to shipment our Logistics team can reroute your shipments as required.

  • Drop Shipments, Dock-to-Stock

    Many customers have us test, program, package and ship finished products directly to the end customer or point of use.

  • Cost Containment, Cost Reductions, & Volume Pricing

    AMtec’s Purchasing Department can identify and work closely with suppliers to ensure the lowest total cost.

  • Business Continuity Plans (DR/BC)

    AMtec’s Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Plan includes daily backups stored offsite and multiple manufacturing locations, to ensure continuous operations.

  • Spare Parts

    For component material with limited warranties and short product life cycles, AMtec can work with you to develop a spare parts program.


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AMtec's team delivers smoothly and on-time, every time.  

AMtec manufacturing and engineering solutions are supported by a highly-experienced team that is capable of flexibly responding to every production challenge.

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