AMtec's DFx initiatives can help you reduce costs and make your products more competitive and profitable

Are you beating up suppliers for price concessions, while missing an opportunity to reduce your product’s cost by 10-40%? 

AMtec’s DFx initiatives have helped customers reduce costs, delivering far more competitive and profitable products.  Let’s face it, many product engineers are under pressure to get a product designed quickly - - to be first to market, support a field retrofit, or meet a marketing need – and this often compromises the efficient assembly, testing, and packaging of a product.  In fact, some studies claim that up to 80% of a product’s cost is determined by design.

Through DFx initiatives, AMtec helps customers reduce costs - - as much as 40%.  Try wringing this much out of your Purchasing negotiations! Most recently, AMtec assisted a key customer via a DFx CFT (Cross Functional Team) to help make the product easier to assemble and perform the Electrical Test.  AMtec had manufactured the prototype units, which provided insights that led to key design improvements, such as:

  • Simplifying and streamlining build documentation
  • Revising designators to a meaningful scheme
  • Replacing hardwiring with OEM accessories (e.g. terminal block bridge bars vs hardwired jumpers)
  • Replacing expensive custom backpanels with OEM versions modified in-house.
  • Eliminating wiring and components by using a custom bussbar distribution system
  • Standardizing C-class components to prevent buying another version of a stock item

Importantly, AMtec’s DFx recommendations won’t change the functionality of the product.

If you’re looking for ways to reduce product cost, let’s talk!

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