In-House Panel Builders Rely on AMtec for Scalability

“Is 120 VAC, 230-460 VAC power wiring segregated and routed separately from low voltage 0-24 VDC wiring throughout panel assemblies? And are all door-mounted instrument gaskets properly sealing the associated openings?”

These questions, asked by a prospective customer who came to us seeking a quote to manufacture 50+ control panels, were unusual for a typical due diligence review.

We answered affirmatively and provided supporting evidence. But the highly specific nature of the questions led us to wonder if the company had experience designing and manufacturing their own control panels.

Later, our suspicions were confirmed. They did have in-house capabilities and resources to design & manufacture control panels in-house.  So we asked them why they were coming to AMtec. Their answer was straightforward. “We cannot scale by continuing to perform this work in house. We need to partner with someone that can be an extension of our manufacturing department.”

Following completion of the first project, the AMtec team visited one of this customers’ plants and met with their VP of Manufacturing, who oversees 4 facilities and hundreds of employees worldwide. We were concerned that he might not agree with the corporate decision to outsource. But the opposite was true. “With AMtec manufacturing the Control Panels,” he said, “I can have my technicians focused on integration, thereby improving our throughput.” Upon learning that AMtec tests and inspects every control panel, for all customers, he was elated and said, “This will save my team the time normally spent performing continuity testing prior to integration.”

This customer relationship has flourished, with additional projects being launched. AMtec continues to extend the partnership, providing Purchasing Services as well – helping to compress the product delivery times by driving long-lead materials well ahead of design completion. Also, AMtec’s Engineering Services like DFx are helping to improve the customer’s designs for improved manufacturability, while reducing cost.

The experience showed that other control panel Manufacturers value AMtec’s services as a capable partner in helping them reach business goals. In surveying these customers, here are the benefits they’ve touted include the following:

  • Improved Capacity
  • Increased Throughput
  • Opportunity Cost
  • Focus on Core Competencies
  • Reduced Overhead
    • Not having to hire / layoff as business rises and falls
    • Lightens the load on the Purchasing, Engineering & Manufacturing Depts
  • Space savings
  • Peace of mind

AMtec continues to serve more and more companies in this way, with numerous customers using AMtec as an extension of their Manufacturing and/or Engineering departments. Talk with us today!

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